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Co-create solutions to your questions by starting with the answers and explore more perspectives


This is a program to provide professionals a safe space to meet with others, gain insights on the challenges they can't resolve on their own and support others who are looking to do the same. You discover new perspectives, overcome your blind spots, and leave after just a few minutes with a new view on your issue. You can continue working on your project with new motivation and confidence. This is a new form of instant gratification that benefits you and everyone else in the group, sharing all the wisdom, being inspired by the conversation and having the accountability to put your new-found ideas into action.  To join the beta program for November and December 2022, click on the button above.

... offers novel and deep perspectives 

Wonderful framework -- offering an inquisitive implementation with meaningful applications. Although the approach to overcoming challenges seems to be backward (A-->Q rather than Q-->A) it offers novel and deep perspectives that can and do shed light on situations, relationships, and identity.

Are you tired of wasting your time and energy to find solutions on your own? Are you looking for a place to experiment and validate your ideas with others who are not part of your own business? Join a group of global professionals who bring diverse experience, curiosity and the willingness to support others in return for receiving the support they need. Sessions last maximum 45 minutes, and in that time you can fill your gaps, using a new approach to brainstorming that allows you to be creative in a completely new way. You'll be guided by an accomplished facilitator who will bring out the best in everyone to create a success swarm, using the power of swarm intelligence as animals do, to provide the best for the entire group, but also for each individual. Join us for this series of sessions to draw out your creativity and discover new ideas that you'll never find on a browser entry or by interacting with your own colleagues. Click the button below to join the beta program in November and December 2022. 

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