Join Us for AQUA

Are you looking for a better way to receive wisdom through the experience of others and become inspired to take the action that will help you most in your professional and personal life? If so, join us for an AQUA session. 

Curiosity - Discovery - Experience

  • Are you tired of the same old ways of collaborating online?
  • Have you also decided that gathering information from any internet source doesn't really provide you with what you need?
  • Do you miss the opportunity to find out about something new without searching for it?
  • Would you like to speak to people who have different perspectives from yours and approach life in a way you couldn't imagine?
  • Do you want to get beyond the ABC's and move to the CDE's listed above?
  • Do you have wisdom to share and would like to benefit both from imparting what you have experienced and learning from others? 
  • Are you ready for getting beyond the norm and co-creating a new system to grow with others?

Welcome to AQUA!

AQUA:  Answers  Questions  Understand  Apply  

You may know the television show Jeopardy. The board shows an answer, the candidate has to ask the right question. AQUA goes beyond just asking the question. We start with an answer, then offer many questions that could be appropriate. Most importantly, we go beyond this by discussing what these answers and questions mean to us. Then we provide the accountability to take action from the wisdom and inspiration we've received to apply what we've learned in our own professional and personal lives. 

 How is AQUA different from a Q&A (question and answer)
 or AMA (ask me anything) session?

Many Experts,
No Guru

Explore with your peers how much you all know and can contribute to each other.

Not Consumption

Passive is passé. Those who make progress are part of the conversation, not just sitting on the sidelines.

Some Talk,
Lots of Action

30 minutes to speak in the group, as much time as you need to put your new wisdom into action, with accountability from the group.

The Flow of an AQUA Session


After a short greeting, we each put our name, location, email address or contact details, and one answer (topic) we’d like to discuss in the chat. This saves time and gives us all an overview of possible discussion points for our 30-minute session.


Together we decide on the answers we’d like to formulate questions for. There is not just one correct question, many options are possible.


We start with the first answer, ask the appropriate questions and make sure that everyone can participate and understand the subject.


Each of us writes in the chat how we will apply this new wisdom to our own lives. The chat information will be posted in our online community. You’ll have access to it and be able to check in with others to see if they’ve made progress.

True Stories from AQUA Sessions

We heard the answer MVP (minimum viable product). We asked some questions about impact, receiving feedback and overcoming perfectionism.
One day later, the new product had been published online. Congratulations!

True Stories from AQUA Sessions

We heard the answer liberation from shame. We asked some questions about whether this was a continuous practice or a breakthrough that could be achieved quickly. We decided that, based on past experience, it could be both, but since we've liberated ourselves from other aspects of our lives, this liberation may be much easier to achieve than we believed at first. 

This is for you, if you

  • want input from your peers, not just one expert
  • are looking for insights from people you don't normally speak to
  • understand how important it is for everyone to contribute and will be responsible to do so at each session you attend
  • are curious about what can happen in a discussion without a set agenda
  • appreciate the accountability that comes from announcing your action plan and having others to support you in accomplishing it

This is NOT for you, if you

  • are looking for answers from THE expert
  • want to stay in your own comfort zone
  • plan to just listen to others to get what you can without giving anything
  • only like to have everything set in advance without deviations
  • don’t want to put new ideas into action by applying them to your own life


What group members say

Wonderful framework -- offering an inquisitive implementation with meaningful applications. Although the approach to overcoming challenges seems to be backward
(A-->Q rather than Q-->A) it offers novel and deep perspectives that can and do shed light on situations, relationships, and identity.

The open discussions are very useful. Meeting and sharing ideas with people from different countries and backgrounds is enriching.


When and How to Attend AQUA Sessions

Below this text you’ll find an event calendar that lists all the AQUA events that are available. You have many options to choose from. You’ll see the events listed in your time zone, so it will be easy to decide when you can join us. Just click on the event you’d like to participate in, use the zoom link given in the listing and come ready to give, receive, learn, be inspired and apply what you’ve experienced in your own life.

If you have questions...

we have the answers. Just send us a message and we'll make sure your questions are answered. 

Rhonda L. Bowen

Your Ideas Facilitator

Thank you for joining us, a co-creative group that does not rely on one expert to give all the information. My job is to get us started, manage the conversations that take place and provide the platform for us to continue the discussion after our 30 minutes are over. Why should you trust in me to do this? Because I’ve been a global strategic communication guide in my own business for over 30 years and have worked with BEST professionals from more than 70 countries. My personal motto is to be FIT: flexible, insightful and tolerant. I’m dedicated to making the world a better place by facilitating conversations with professionals who understand the value of being curious, open to new experiences, and want to benefit from the support that only a group can provide.

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Commpolium Community

Thirty minutes is a short time to exchange ideas with others. Not everyone is good at spontaneous, verbal interaction. For all of us who attend AQUA, you also have the opportunity to continue our conversations after a session by joining our AQUA group on Commpolium, Rhonda’s public platform for like-minded professionals to provide additional value, ask new questions, and be sure that the accountability we discuss during a session can actually be fulfilled. 

To join us, just click on the button below. You’ll receive an email invitation and be able to register with your name and email address. This is our safe space to converse at the AQUA table after our sessions and keep the interaction going for all of us.

Would you like to continue the conversations between our AQUA sessions? Then click the button to join our AQUA group 
in the Commpolium Community.