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Discovery, Determination and Dexterity Roundtables

Do you lead an organization that somehow doesn’t seem to be at ease with itself?  In today’s fast-changing world, we often cannot keep up with everything that’s happening, inside our own four walls and dealing with the influences coming from outside our own organization.


The Discovery, Determination and Dexterity Roundtables Program can support you by providing expert facilitation to discover what people are really thinking and sharing it with an empathetic guide who knows the right questions to ask to get to the real crux of the matter. 

I have a brighter outlook about the future

Rhonda offered to talk with me through my apprehension of change. ...  She asked me about my fears and listened carefully before providing any feedback. Then, she gave me concrete examples of some of the positive outcomes so far. As a result of talking with her, I have a brighter outlook about the future. And have even shared her insights with others.

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