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New Ways to Co-Create Solutions

Welcome to This is our new home for those who are looking for insightful ways of resolving their communication challenges. bells stands for better expression through language for life's situations. 
The way we do this in colloboration is through wispiration in action. Each person either brings wisdom to the conversation or is looking for wisdom they would like to acquire. Through swarm intelligence, as groups of animals use in their natural habit to have a thriving life, we exchange ideas and use what we've learned to inspire ourselves and others toward more success in our lives. Most importantly, though, we hold each other accountable to take our newly-gained wisdom and inspiration and put it into action. We are pleased that you've decided to join us. We are still building on our ideas and those of others, so for now this page is a place to find initial insights and contribute by telling us what you would find useful. 

Our Services for You

We are in the process of creating this website as a place for you to have access to the solutions you are seaching for. We see ourselves as a dedicated group of people who want to provide the highly-responsive elements which can improve your communication across cultures, both geographical and organizational. Collaborating with us and others affords you the opportunities you need to eliminate confusion, gain confidence, and communicate clearly, effectively and efficiently. There will be three major sections, one for professionals, one for organizations and one to share resources. 


Are you a professional who provides services to other businesses? You may be working on your own and need the support of others to be even more successful. The offers in this section will be exactly what you need to improve your business and your life through better communication. 


Do you work in a company or organization? No matter what size or location, all organizations have needs dealing with communication across cultures, having aligned values and co-creating teams that work together to guarantee the success of everyone. The offers in this section will support you in these efforts. 


bells has existed since 1988 and has been able to produce and/or curate valuable resources for you to use individually or with others to improve your communication across cultures. Refer to this section to find various means to get started on your journey to better communication across cultures. 

Rhonda L. Bowen

Your Global Strategic
Communication Guide

Rhonda L. Bowen is a global strategic communication guide with over 30 years’ experience. An American living in Germany since 1983, she has worked with people from more than 70 countries. Since 1988 she has brought insights and support to thousands of BEST professionals (business, engineering, science and technology). Through improved communication, her clients save resources and enhance their success. Her programs and services include online and offline facilitation, individual and team coaching, programs for professional services providers and negotiation seminars. She supports others through her interactive sessions called success swarms, building on the idea of swarm intelligence in nature. These are based on the principle of wispiration in action, a combination of wisdom and inspiration shared in the group to provide options for finding practical ways to apply what has been learned.

Our Final Thoughts

But not yours! Now that you've read what we are looking for and hopefully become inspired by the ideas in the video, please click the button below to get in touch with us with your ideas, comments, suggestions, recommendations, or critique. We want to co-create this space with you to make sure you get what you haven't found elsewhere. Connect with us to write a message or set up a time for an online call to give us your ideas.