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Section 1

Effective Corporate Communication 

Rhonda knows how to uncover things...

"Rhonda knows how to uncover things you don't have on your radar. It has become so clear to me which factors we have not taken into account in our thoughts of expanding into non-German-speaking countries.  

Crossculture Communication with Rhonda as my sparring partner gives me a high degree of security. A "must'' for anyone who thinks beyond national borders."

- B.S., Germany 

Working together with you was fun...

“You made it so convenient. Your outstanding tailor-made program made just for us was the key (for a step-change) to significant improvement. Our view of what we can achieve with best-in-class communication is much clearer now. We now have just the right tools and experience to go for it. Thanks Rhonda.”  

“You always had examples on hand based on your long years of experience which made your teaching style lively and the learning more tangible. Working together with you was fun. Thanks for that. “ 

- Environmental Safety Managers, Bayer, Germany 

Now we are real friends, not just work colleagues...

I had my meeting with my manufacturer in Guangzhou, China yesterday and wanted to let you know how it went. Overall, I'd say it was a success. We had our meeting in the morning then we went out to lunch and spent the afternoon sightseeing.  My contact seemed to have a good time and at the end said to me "now we are real friends, not just work colleagues". It definitely felt like we started building Guanxi! Thanks again for all your help getting me ready for the meeting. Even though we didn't talk about everything I had hoped to discuss I felt very prepared and I'll be ready for next time. 

- C.T. USA


How lively she is in guiding us...

The topic "recognition of foreign vocational qualifications" is on everyone's mind due to the shortage of skilled workers and immigration. A counselling interview on this topic in English quickly showed us our boundaries.   

Thanks to Mrs Bowen, we are well prepared for the next talks. We were very impressed by how quickly and in what depth she prepares the topic for the lessons, how lively she is in guiding us through the lessons and how handouts - which can be used right away in our daily work - are created with us as a team.  

Rhonda Bowen - a multifaceted all-rounder - ....and an encounter that is memorable. 

- B.P. Germany 

Often humorous way of imparting knowledge...

Interesting topics, insights into the Anglo-Saxon business culture, avoidance of cultural pitfalls, clear and sometimes even stubborn feedback, packed pleasantly and with a wink and an inspiring, often humorous way of imparting knowledge characterized the hours with Rhonda. 

I would like to recommend Rhonda to everyone who still has goals and might need some orientation, a little push or new impulses. 

- T.S. Germany 

Section 2


She has brought us a priceless commodity: done...

There’s an awful lot spoken about leadership, but few acknowledge the importance to an organisation of the people who get things done. “Done” is the critical factor to success. And Rhonda is one of those vital people who get things done.  For World Speech Day, among of the most pressing issues was bringing people from different parts of the world together, all in different time zones. As our global facilitator, she has set up and run our advisory board meetings and ensured things happen by following up. She has brought us a priceless commodity: done. 

- S.G. Great Britain 

Open, engaging, encouraged everyone to contribute...

Rhonda was open, engaging, encouraged everyone to contribute. When no one came forward, she asked a question to open up more conversation. It was wonderful. 
- WBECS participant 

Including everyone in the discussion...

Great session! I enjoyed hearing the different perspectives of the participants. Rhonda did a great job including everyone in the discussion and making everyone feel welcome to contribute their viewpoints.  

- WBECS participant 

Rhonda facilitates a great roundtable...

Rhonda facilitates a great roundtable. She creates an environment where very many diverse opinions and thoughts can be brought up and discussed in a safe place. 

- WBECS participant 

Used powerful questions to elicit ideas...

Rhonda is knowledgeable on the subject and used powerful questions to elicit ideas from the participants. She made everyone feel welcomed and heard throughout the conversation.  

- WBECS participant 

Section 3
Personal Growth & Development

Got me very excited indeed...

It's been surprising how quickly Rhonda analysed my work-life situation after listening to me for a good while and bringing up some very inspiring aspects on strengths/experiences/qualities that I have. This first feedback already got me the confirmation and confidence to think further on how I might apply my experience and "talents" in a different way that may bring value to others. Got me very excited indeed! and thanks for the book tips too I am very much looking forward to the next session. Cheers  

- Bravely Participant 

I have a brighter outlook about the future...

Rhonda offered to talk with me through my apprehension of change, particularly the rapid changes that are happening in response to pandemic. She asked me about my fears and listened carefully before providing any feedback. Then, she gave me concrete examples of some of the positive outcomes so far. As a result of talking with her, I have a brighter outlook about the future. And have even shared her insights with others. I highly recommend her! 

- S.K.  USA  

She gave me some great tips...

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’ve never done anything like this but I was pleasantly surprised. Rhonda helped in uncovering details of my situation that never crossed my mind. She gave me some great tips and perspective to work on right away. I left feeling confident as ever. 

- Bravely Participant  

You give tips and advice when necessary...

Dear Rhonda, today I would like to thank you. Especially last year you always supported me when I needed help. You were also always at my side at short notice, when my career was filled with small and big hurdles. You give tips and advice when necessary and at the same time always encourage personal responsibility. You have made a significant contribution to my development at work. Your experiences in dealing with conflicts helped me mature! For this I thank you very much. 

- E.B. Germany 

She is vested in my success...

Rhonda has been an amazing fit for me and my coaching needs. She has shown that she gets me, cares about my situation, helps to keep me accountable and demonstrates every call that she is vested in my success.   

- Bravely Participant 

We aligned on clear action items...

The session with Rhonda was overall very helpful for my personal growth. I value her experience from different clients and industries. Further, we aligned on clear action items that will help me to move forward in my career.  

- Bravely Participant 

Easy to talk to her about some technical issues...

I enjoyed speaking with Rhonda. She took the time to actually listen and understand the issues I'm facing at work in a technical environment and provided some good suggestions. It also showed that she's had experience working with folks in the tech industry and made it easy to talk to her about some technical issues.  

- Bravely Participant 

Challenges me to think things through

Rhonda always shares valuable tools and tips that I can implement straight away. I also like that she doesn’t just give me the tools but challenges me to think things through. It is not always comfortable but I gain so much from it.  

- Bravely Participant 

Section 4


You were actually planting seeds on our minds...

Your course was fantastic, in that it helped me greatly improve my (previously non-existing) negotiation and communication skills (I think you were actually planting seeds on our minds that have become plants and are getting ready to bloom). 

I can now better plan and prepare from the beginning a negotiation process (with EPO internal and external agents) and I feel that I can lead a negotiation process towards the way I would like it to evolve, rather than let it lead me, taking a proactive rather than a reactive approach. 

I’m also being more assertive in my negotiations, although I’m still to find the perfect balance, as I tend to either be not enough or too assertive (which of course breaks down the whole procedure). 

- M.D. Greece 

The course was perfectly timed...

Dear Rhonda, When I participated in the course I had just changed position. This meant challenges with new colleagues, new ways of working and new demands. The course was perfectly timed because although I have not yet met with any regulatory authorities, I have been able to practice some of the negotiation skills with a few members of my new group, with some degree of success. 
- H.T. Great Britain 

My Personal Action Plan is still on my desk...

Thank you for your email reminding me to put the things learned into practice. Like I said at the end of the training I changed my email approach with new publishers the next day already. Changing to a more open approach instead of asking for prices etc. and trying to be more of a listener will be the next two items I need to be paying attention to. 

Again I have to say that the approach you used during the training as well as the actual training itself made it for me one of (and probably) the best training I had at the EPO so far. My Personal Action Plan is still on my desk and not in a cupboard like all the other ones.... Thanks again Rhonda! 

- P.M. Netherlands 

Section 5

Co-creation & Collaboration

Have a mental reset to be able to reconsider my thoughts...

Dear Rhonda, Thank you for our weekly one-hour coaching session!  I benefit from it much more than only as a time to improve my English. I enjoy this time every week, because it helps me change my mindset, to rethink preconceived opinions and sometimes I get the chance to have a mental reset to be able to reconsider my thoughts. This may sound like a lot for what happens in one hour, but it’s surprising how small questions and hints can help me reach the next level. Thank you!!!!! I hope we can continue working together for a long time. 

- K.S. Germany 

Her great wisdom enables people to dive deeper...

I have worked with Rhonda many times within WBECS. I have known her as a coach and facilitator for 3 years. She is enormously talented, intuitive and creative. She is a true magician in her ability to work with people committed to experiencing significant shifting. Rhonda is excellent in her expertise and fully present while partnering an individual or a group on their journey within. Her way to be at ease with whatever comes up from the unconscious mind makes others feel the same flow just as easily. Her great wisdom enables people to dive deeper into themselves and make changing and shifting faster and easier. I highly recommend Rhonda for her incredible qualities and expertise, her openness and energy. Any time I meet Rhonda, I end up with inspirations, insights and creativity that empower my passion for my life, job and relationships! 

- I.R., Italy 

The constructive working atmosphere you create...

Dear Rhonda, I would like to thank you for our very good collaboration during our coaching sessions as well as your work during my last meetings with my co-workers in your role as meeting facilitator. I very much appreciate your open mindedness for all work-related topics and the constructive working atmosphere you create in our meetings. Your experience outside and inside of the company I work for, your knowledge of human nature and the ability to ask the right questions to get right to the root of issues and finding solutions is great and helps a lot for my daily work. 

- M.L. Germany 

I thoroughly enjoyed partnering with her...

I recently had the privilege to work with Rhonda on a project and my experience was outstanding. Rhonda is straightforward, organised, honest and warm hearted. She is the consummate professional and anybody working with her, whatever the objective is in very safe hands. As an expert in communications she really does deliver. She knows exactly how to get the best from people and anyone working with her will find that they are valued and respected. Rhonda is insightful and will always bring a new perspective to a conversation. I thoroughly enjoyed partnering with her and I wholeheartedly recommend anyone considering the same to take up the opportunity. 

- L.T. Great Britain 

An ammunition of practical and pragmatic techniques...

This was my first ever session with a coach and I am so glad I decided to try this. What can I say, I can't believe how fortunate I am to be able to speak with someone with such a wealth of experience in this field but also someone with such a wide knowledge of business, corporations, sales and all that stuff. I don't really know what type of coach I was hoping to find but I'm pretty sure Rhonda exceeds any expectations I could've imagined. Although we have only had one session, I feel very confident my self-development journey will be boosted exponentially by working with Rhonda. I like a good pep talk and motivating as much as anyone else, but that is not what my experience was. Rhonda truly listened to, and empathised with, my professional challenges and ambitions and seems to have an ammunition of practical and pragmatic techniques to support me at her disposal. Truly grateful to have connected with someone so genuine, compassionate and with so much wisdom in this field. 

- Bravely participant 

Section 6
Effective Communication
across Cultures

Need some orientation, a little push or new impulses...

Interesting topics, insights into the Anglo-Saxon business culture, avoidance of cultural pitfalls, clear and sometimes even stubborn feedback, packed pleasantly and with a wink and an inspiring, often humorous way of imparting knowledge characterized the hours with Rhonda. 

I would like to recommend Rhonda to everyone who still has goals and might need some orientation, a little push or new impulses. 

- T.S. Germany 

Look outside the box and from completely different angles

You helped me to look outside the box and from completely different angles than I have done before. It was helpful to get some new tools and ideas for the future. It was also very good to use German and American articles / studies as this showed very concretely culture differences. 

- J.K. Finland 

Very helpful for me to see the views of my colleagues...

Rhonda, I truly appreciated the roundtable. It was very helpful for me to see the views of my colleagues on how important global certs, different cultures, and the pros and cons of individual certifications. Again, I am grateful and thankful to be a part of the roundtable.  

- WBECS participant 

Offered helpful insight into an issue...

She presents herself as a great resource to discuss communication within departments and offered helpful insight into an issue I was concerned with. 

- Bravely participant 

One of those women who has helped me become a better person...

Dear Rhonda, As you may know from your own experience, all my life I have felt that it is extremely unfair that women have usually been treated badly by my fellow males just because they are women. I have made it my life's work not to stand by and refuse to be involved but, as far as I can with my modest means, to support these women and the institutions that help them. After all, I was in a position – as head of a department and only one man out of six in a department in which 190 women worked as teachers – to promote this in my professional and private life and in my involvement in international organisations. Especially when working together with women such as you. Men in particular must not allow the unequal treatment of women to be tolerated. They are the other part of humanity and not dependent on men, whatever that means, and this is something I have never understood. Thank you for being one of those women who has helped me become a better person.  

- W.R. Germany 

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