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What is MeBuCo?
It is a series of events that will take place monthly to provide you
insights and support for your communication.
Each month we'll be looking at a different topic.  
We'll examine the topic in three sessions to discover insights and
then uncover ways to put what we've learned into action.

What you'll experience

in these live sessions:

Each month will have four components. We'll start in the second week of the month with a 20-minute session as an appetizer. This is our first meeting on the subject and we'll prepare for the upcoming sessions by looking at the five W questions: who, what, when, where and why.
In the third week of the month we'll move to the main course, a 40-minute session to detect all the aspects of the subject that are important to those who attend. As these events are co-created by those present, we will be addressing those aspects the members feel are relevant to them.
This will help us answer how.
In the fourth week of the month, it's time for dessert, a 20-minute session to foster what we've learned and make sure we can implement our ideas in our professional and personal lives.
The final component will be a written summary of all the events held in a PDF which will provide
 a recipe for the subjects we've discussed including sections for ingredients, utensils and instructions. You will be given an opportunity to request this PDF after the three events are finished.


Appetizer Sessions

Second Tuesday
of the Month

10.00 and/or 16.00 
CEST (Berlin)

Main Course Sessions

Third Wednesday
of the Month

10.00 and/or 16.00 
CEST (Berlin)

Dessert Sessions

Fourth Thursday
of the Month

10.00 and/or 16.00 
CEST (Berlin)

If you're not sure about the times in your time zone, check here:

Make sure you get reminders for every session of your choice. Join our private group and don't miss any of the sessions!

Your Facilitator

Rhonda Bowen


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