Join Us for Merging Our Minds: Co-Creating Business Potential

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you approach business challenges, ignite your creativity, and collaborate with a community of like-minded professionals and corporate members? If so, join us for the Merging Our Minds: Co-Creating Business Potential Experience. This online program has been crafted for committed businesspeople eager to co-create innovative solutions to real-world problems.

How to Unlock the Secrets You Need Now
to Produce Effective Business Solutions

In today's fast-paced business environment, innovation and strategic collaboration are keys to success. Our six-week online program is designed to help you harness the power of collective intelligence, so you can tackle real-world business problems with confidence and creativity.

What You Can Expect
during this Experience

  • Co-create Solutions: Dive into the heart of real business challenges and co-create innovative solutions with a select group of professionals. With a maximum of 24 participants, you'll experience an engaging and intimate environment to create new ideas and approaches that everyone can benefit from. 
  • Diverse Methodologies: Each week, you'll explore a different interaction methodology, expanding your toolkit and cultivating fresh perspectives. 
  • Wisdom Chair: The program gives you the opportunity to have the spotlight on your specific challenges. Let the group focus on your problem and uncover innovative solutions.
  • Cultivate Confidence: Over the course of the program, you'll enhance your communication skills, avoid misunderstandings, and grow in confidence.
  • Expert Facilitation: Benefit from the guidance of a global strategic communication expert and a recognized online facilitator who will steer your journey towards success. 
  • Convenient Scheduling: We understand that time zones can be a barrier. That's why our meetings are scheduled on Mondays and Fridays at three different times each day to accommodate your busy schedule. 
  • The Power of Combined Intelligences: Experience the magic of merging Natural Intelligence (NI), Human Intelligence (HI), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tackle complex challenges head-on.

 How is Merging Our Minds different from other group interactions?

Many Experts,
No Guru

Explore with your peers how much you all know and can contribute to each other.

Not Consumption

Passive is passé. Those who make progress are part of the conversation, not just sitting on the sidelines.

Some Talk,
Lots of Action

60 minutes to speak in the group, the rest of the week to put your new wisdom into action, with accountability from the group. 

What Happens during a Merging Our Minds Session 

Food for Thought

After a short greeting, there is a brief introduction to three concepts that provide a foundation for effective interactions.

Methodology for Success

We learn about the interaction methodology of the week, sparking our minds to think creatively about the challenges to be discussed.

Insights for Progress

We share the issues we want to discuss using the methodology of the day. During each session, one member has the opportunity to be in the wisdom chair, sometimes known as a hot seat, to share a critical aspect to resolve or develop into something better.

Accountability for Implementation

We summarize what wisdom we are taking away and how we plan to implement this after the first session of the week. During the second session we design the plans to assure that progress will be made and provide accountability.  

This is for you, if you

  • want input from your peers to co-create effective solutions
  • are looking for insights from committeed, like-minded peers
  • understand the importance of contribution and take on the responsibility to do s
  • are curious about what can happen in a discussion using a variety of methods
  • appreciate the accountability that comes from announcing your action plan and having others to support you in accomplishing it

This is NOT for you, if you

  • are looking for answers from THE expert
  • want to stay in your own comfort zone
  • plan to just receive from others for your benefit without giving in return 
  • only like to have everything set in advance without deviations
  • don’t want to put new ideas into action by applying them to your own life


What group members say

Wonderful framework -- offering an inquisitive implementation with meaningful applications.  It offers novel and deep perspectives that can and do shed light on situations, relationships, and identity.

The open discussions are very useful. Meeting and sharing ideas with people from different countries and backgrounds is enriching.


When and How to Attend Merging Our Minds Sessions

Below this text you’ll find an event calendar that lists all the Merging Our Minds events that are available. You have many options to choose from. You’ll see the sessions listed in your time zone, so it will be easy to decide when you can join us. Just click on the session you’d like to participate in, use the zoom link given in the listing and come ready to give, receive, learn, be inspired and apply what you’ve experienced in your own life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Merging Our Minds sessions can I attend?

Feel free to attend as many sessions as you'd like.

 If I join a session regularly, but can't attend one of the sessions at that time, how will the accountability work if I join another group?

Each session will be documented in our secret group on our platform Commpolium, with the major points covered and accountability notes for us all to access. 

How do you handle the payment? 

The cost of Merging Our Minds is normally € 997. To celebrate my 35 years of business, the price for the 2023 experience will have a 35% discount, therefore € 649. 

If you have questions...

we have the answers. Just send us a message and we'll make sure your questions are answered. 

Rhonda L. Bowen

Your Ideas Facilitator

Thank you for joining us, a co-creative group that does not rely on one expert to give all the information. My job is to get us started, manage the conversations that take place and provide the platform for us to continue the discussion after our 60-minute sessions are over. Why should you trust me? Because I’ve been a global strategic communication guide in my own business for over 30 years and have worked with BEST professionals from more than 70 countries. My personal motto is to be FIT: flexible, insightful and tolerant. I’m dedicated to making the world a better place by facilitating conversations with professionals who understand the value of being curious, open to new experiences, and want to benefit from the support that only a group can provide.


Commpolium Community

Sixty minutes is a short time to exchange ideas with others. Not everyone is good at spontaneous, verbal interaction. For all of us who attend Merging Our Minds, you also have the opportunity to continue our conversations after a session by joining our Merging Our Minds group on Commpolium, Rhonda’s public platform for like-minded professionals to provide additional value, ask new questions, and be sure that the accountability we discuss during a session can actually be fulfilled. 

To join us, just click on the button below. You’ll receive an email invitation and be able to register with your name and email address. This is our safe space to converse at the Merging Our Minds table after our sessions and keep the interaction going for all of us.

Would you like to continue the conversations between our Merging Our Minds sessions? Then click the button to join our Merging Our Minds group in the Commpolium Community.