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Section 1
Values Assessment

Discover the importance of recognizing your own values and those of others on your team by doing an assessment for new insights. 

Section 2
Communication Audit

Can you identify where the communication in your organization works well and where it doesn't? Complete a communication audit to find out what is great and what could be improved. 

Section 3
Meetings for Effectivity Introspective Version

You hate attending meetings and prefer to report things in writing, but you still have to go to some meetings.  Join us for a program to discover which strategies can make meetings more bearable for you.   

Section 4
Meetings for Effectivity Interactive Version

You love attending meetings and talking with other participants, but you don't always achieve the results you're looking for. Join us for a program to have more success.  

Section 5
Connect to Climb

Too many groups, too many misunderstandings, too much confusion, both internally and with external partners. Break through glass walls first and then through the glass ceilings.

Section 6
CARD for Managers

Would you like to exchange ideas and co-create solutions to the problems in your organization with like-minded peers from other organizations? If so, CARD for Managers is exactly what you've been looking for. 

Section 7
Discovery, Determination and Dexterity Roundtables

If you've lost touch with the people in your organization and need to get insights through the work of an experienced facilitator, learn more about roundtables that can put you back in the picture. 

Section 8
Merging Our Minds

Are you curious about new methods to co-create the solutions to the challenges you face in your organization? Join us for new ways to discuss the issues that interest you and find the success you've been looking for. 

Section 9
Flexible Responsive Consultancy Package

If you've got a major challenge and aren't even sure exactly what type of support you need and how you can attain your next big goal, this package gives you the flexibility to take the small steps at your own pace and achieve success. 

Section 10
Personal Coaching Programs

You'd like some help in gaining new insights and perspectives for achieving the satisfaction and growth you just can't seem to find on your own. Choose one of the three options below that best supports you in your current situation. 

Wispiration Session

one-hour session  one-on-one 

8 Hour Buffet Program

eight hours of one-on-one sessions, no time limit for the program 

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