Recipe Session

You are looking for an in-depth experience to improve your communication. We will take ample time to make sure that you can work through those aspects which don't lead to the outcomes you're looking for. We'll analyze where you are, where you'd like to go, and set up a recipe for you to follow as you create your communication menu.

End Confusion - Find Clarity - Gain Confidence

Do you experience any of these common difficulties when you communicate?

Articulating your ideas clearly
Building rapport with your counterpart
Overcoming cultural barriers
Monitoring your use of specialist language
Eliminating misunderstandings
Being afraid that you won’t achieve your goals

What you need is personalized guidance on your exact situation from someone who can recognize your difficulties and help you adapt your communication. Sometimes you just need someone to help you discover the best way for you to express yourself.

We now have just the right tools and experience 

Your outstanding tailor-made program made just for us was the key to significant improvement. Our view of what we can achieve with best-in-class communication is much clearer now. We now have just the right tools and experience to go for it.

Program Details

Join the program

Receive a short list of questions to determine what kind of support you want
and to set up a time for our session.

Co-create your recipe on a half-day zoom call

Work on improving aspects such as:
      Listening skills
      Interpreting non-verbal signals
      Dealing wtih emotions
      Managing your time
      Discovering preferences for communicating
      Increasing your confidence

Receive a session recording and/or transcript on request

Decide on 3 specific tasks to work on over the next month

Receive weekly check-ins

Have access to the exclusive Commpolium network 

Join me to co-create your exclusive communication recipe
which will address your needs and
prepare you for success in achieving
your professional and personal goals. 

Do you have any questions?

It is vital that you understand everything you need before making a commitment to a program to improve your communication. Below you will find two options to get the additional information you need. Choose the one that works best for you so you can make an informed decision.  

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