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Section 1
Express Your Message

You have so much to share, but you just can't make people understand what you'd like to say. This is the place for you to discover the best way for you to express yourself clearly and confidently. 

Section 2
Subject Matter Expert Facilitation Services

You really know your stuff, but can you get your points across in an online format with a group of strangers? Are you overwhelmed by all the technical details? Join us to find the system that works best for you. 

Section 3
Business Digitalization Guidance

There are so many aspects to running your business online, but you've been struggling to put all the pieces together. We can help you sort out what can work best for you and help you find digital success. 

Section 4
CARD for Professional Services Peers Program

If you own your own business and don't have enough interactions with like-minded peers to get the guidance, support and perspectives you need, then join us for sessions to co-create the solutions you can't find on your own. 

Section 5
SOS Experience

Some conversations in our lives are just difficult, for various reasons. If you're facing a problematic conversation and are looking for ways to approach it to reduce your stress level and reach the outcome you'd like, the Stories - Opportunities - Solutions Experience is just right for you. 

Section 6
Merging Our Minds

Are you curious about new methods to co-create the solutions to the challenges you face in your organization? Join us for new ways to discuss the issues that interest you and find the success you've been looking for. 

Section 7
Personal Coaching Programs

You'd like some help in gaining new insights and perspectives for achieving the satisfaction and growth you just can't seem to find on your own. Choose one of the three options below that best supports you in your current situation. 

Wispiration Session

one-hour session one-on-one  

8 Hour Buffet Program

eight hours of one-on-one sessions, no time limit for the program  

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