The System to Master Problematic Conversations

Are you looking for a better approach to those conversations you try to avoid, such as informing someone that their performance isn't adequate, or that you have made a decision that your counterpart may not agree with? Do you feel like you're sinking in uncertainty? Continue reading to find an effective, time-saving solution to your dilemma. 

How do you deal with the problematic conversations you need to have?

  • When you know that a conversation can become problematic, do you try to avoid it at all costs?
  • Do you feel that you don't know how to approach the subject in an appropriate way?
  • What do you think about your counterpart and how do these thoughts contribute to the problem?
  • Do you think that your position isn't strong enough, but you don't know what to do or say?
  • Are you afraid of hurting others in the conversation, or that they will hurt you?
  • Do you know what outcome you're trying to achieve, or do you just want the conversation to be over? 
  • Are you afraid of ruining the relationship with this person and what can that mean for the future?

Welcome to SOS!

SOS:  Stories  Opportunities  Solutions  

Do you feel like you're drowning because you haven't found the courage to have a conversation with someone that you know will be problematic? Have you been putting this off for so long, but now you know it's time to take on this situation wholeheartedly together with someone who can guide you every step of the way? If so, SOS is right for you. After a period of preparation and getting clarity on what exactly you and your counterpart need to discuss, you work through a three-step program to provide the background and the insights you need. You have the chance to practice the conversation in a safe space, and then take your experience with you into real life. You'll receive additional resources to help you prepare even further.  After you've had your conversation, there will be a session to discuss the progress you've made and what other opportunities you have. 

 What will you achieve in an SOS one-day intensive program?

Discover the three stories for success

All three are essential and knowing which one to start with will put you on the path to success

Find the opportunities by listening closely

And once you've understood the other perspective, express yourself in a way that leads you to a deeper understanding. 

Co-create the solution that best serves both parties

Take what you've learned so far and use the insights to arrive at a conclusion that satisfies everyone involved. 

The SOS Experience can help you with situations such as these:

Please Don't Go!

An important team member has decided that he no longer wants to work for your company. His contribution is vital for your success. You need to speak to him in a way that he can realize the value he brings and that you are willing to make adjustments to accommodate his situation. You do not want to lose this valuable employee.  You need to be confident, clear and respectful even though you don't know what you'll do if he really leaves the company. With practice to master this conversation in our SOS experience  you will gain the structure and skills to confidently manage this challenging situation. 

Don't Talk to My Client for Me!

You work in a matrix organization that has five departments that all have critical interactions with your clients. You have a colleague in sales who always tries to give information to the client about your area of responsibility, delivery and implementation. The colleague tries to make the client happy but gives incorrect information. You need to have a way to communicate clearly with your sales colleague to prevent misinformation and manage the expectations of all parties well. You will have the framework and skills to create a better relationship with the colleague to insure that the client has reasonable expectations of what your department provides. 

It's Not Fair!

There is a family celebration based on a local holiday that you are expected to attend. Your partner is someone you want to spend time with, but certain members of your family refuse to let your partner join you at the family celebration. According to them, your partner isn't the right person for you to be with and they refuse to invite him into their home. You need to clarify this situation before the holiday and make an important decision on how you will approach this situation. You need  a framework that works and an expert to help you prepare so your relationships on both sides are not damaged and a decision can be made that everyone can live with.

Why is this important?

When we need to discuss something which is difficult for us and put it off, we don't realize the COI, the cost of inaction. What is happening in your life that you'd like to eliminate, but cannot because you don't tackle this problematic conversation? It may be differences with a team member or client; the inability to ask for something that would make your business or life more valuable; a loss of self-confidence because you can't overcome this hurdle alone. Take the best step forward for you and your counterparts and apply for your SOS experience today. 

How quickly can this happen?

As we've learned from Simon Sinek, why should come first, then how. There are two vital factors in the how of an SOS experience. The first is how quickly this can make a major difference in your life. Once we've decided on a date, we'll spend just six hours (plus breaks as necessary) on discovering your solution to a first problematic conversation you know you need to have. This will provide you the tools for many future conversations as well.

The other factor in how is the way we work on this conversation. Working through some preparation and then the three steps to plan your conversation are based on a practical, hands-on approach with a guide who has thousands of hours of experience and wisdom to share on helping you find your solution, not just theory, not what everyone else is doing, but what you need to resolve your issue as soon as you can. 

What is your investment?

What, the investment, also has two aspects. The first is your personal time and your attitude about this experience. The time will only be well-invested if you take the process, including the application, seriously, and are willing work with your guide to achieve the best results.

The second investment is the financial one. The investment for this experience is EUR 2997 for payment in full or three payments of  EUR 1200, or USD 3296.70 for payment in full or three payments of USD 1320. This includes not only the time we spend together, but valuable resources before we begin to help you prepare and then those things you'll want to keep for future reference such as a recording and transcript of your experience, additional material for deeper insights than we can finish on one day, and a call after you've had your personal conversation in real life to evaluate your solution and results, celebrate your success, and discuss possible next steps for improving other aspects of communication in your personal and professional life. 

The Overview of Your SOS Experience


- Submit your application
- Upon approval, pay amount
- Receive an email with
     introductory material
- Arrange a 30-minute
     determination call to
- During the call, choose the
     date for your SOS day (six
     hours plus breaks as


- Meet for our call on zoom
- Co-create your first solution
      by agreeing on the timing
      and the cadence for the
      day's sessions
- Discover all the insights in
       these four stages:
-Take the time you need to
     process and reflect on the
     input and use the time
     together to establish your
     own system to master
     problematic conversations 


- Review the problematic
    conversation you choose
    during the determination call
- Role play this conversation with
     your guide in a safe haven
- Evaluate your outcome and
     make adjustments to make
     your real-life conversation a


Within one month of your call:
-Set up a one-hour appointment
     to review your conversation
-Discuss any new ideas from the
     follow-up material
-Make plans for your next steps

This is for you, if you

  • want to invest one day to improve your communication
  • are looking for a five-step system to guide you through problematic conversations
  • understand how important it is to review your own interactions to make progress
  • are dedicated to working through the system and then applying it to your own circumstances
  • appreciate the accountability that comes from co-creating your solution with an experienced guide who will also follow-up with you

This is NOT for you, if you

  • are looking for answers from the expert
  • want to stay in your own comfort zone
  • think that you and your counterpart don't play an important role in mastering a conversation
  • don't believe that analysis before and after a conversation is helpful
  • don't want to put in the personal effort to make your conversations more effective and efficient


What others say

... made positive and impactful changes in my perspective and offered different strategies for success!

Extremely impressed. The level of experience far exceeded my expectations. She brought a vast amount of knowledge from a global perspective and drilled down easily to a practicable application I could implement immediately.

You help us help others! 

We believe in sharing what we know, and what we earn, with others. Your SOS experience will not only benefit you, but a cause we support on B1G1. For more information on this great partner organization, please read on here: 

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we have the answers. Just send us a message and we'll make sure your questions are answered. 

Rhonda L. Bowen

Your Communication Guide

Thank you for your interest in mastering problematic conversations. My job is to provide you with the necessary background information, then work with you to co-create the mindset, strategies and input to make your conversation successful. Why should you trust me to support you in doing this? Because I’ve been a global strategic communication guide in my own business for over 30 years and have worked with BEST professionals from more than 70 countries. I've supported thousands of people who needed to communicate in difficult situations, such as negotiations that would cost millions if the conversation was not successful. I’m dedicated to making the world a better place by supporting those who want to have more successful conversations and who understand the value of being curious, open to new experiences, and want to make progress first in a safe environment, then in their own interactions with others.

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